What is JouMxyzptlk? This Page centres around gaming in unusual high resolutions. Unusual high means: Ultra HD is low resolution, you'll find up to 16k here. It also contains some HowTo's and tricks, but only those I researched myself, no copying from the internet.

Short Update log:

Full detailed update log here
When?What was added or changed? Video Pano 10k 15k 6k 8k Ultra HD         
2022-03-163DMark 2000 8k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2022-02-253DMark 99 8k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2021-04-28All videos now HVEC/h265
Many modern TVs can play them directly
2020-08-25Atomic Hearts RTX Demo 8k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2019-09-083DMark Sky Diver 16k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2019-08-0416k 120 fps HowTo (Deutsch / German),
welcher auf
golem.de erschienen ist.
2019-07-25Nvidia DSR mit 16x oder 64x (Deutsch / German),
welcher auf
golem.de erschien.
2019-07-203DMark Night Raid 16k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2019-06-253DMark 2006 16k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2019-01-133DMark Port Royal 8k 120 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2018-12-31Nvidia Asteroids 12k video 16k screen-shots ! Yes Yes Yes Yes
2018-11-10Nvidia Apollo 11 in 9k ! Yes Yes Yes
2018-09-08Doom 2 deathmatch in 8k 120 fps Yes Yes Yes
2018-06-22Basemark GPU Benchmark in 12K 120 fps Yes Yes Yes Yes
2018-02-08Final Fantasy XV Benchmakr 8k 120 fps Yes Yes Yes
2017-11-19Mirror's Edge 120 fps Yes Yes Yes
2017-04-06Deus Ex Mankind Divided 8k! Yes Yes Yes Yes
2016-09-30All panoramas are now HTML5 without flash!
2016-04-27Working Shadowcopy Tasks for Windows 10.
2015-12-23Tomb Raider DOS in 8k! Yes Yes Yes
2015-12-233DMark 03, 05, 06 & Vantage in 8k 60 fps! Yes Yes Yes
2015-10-24Google Earth in 13k / Gigapixel Yes Yes Yes Yes
2015-10-07Metal Gear Soliv V Phantom Pain 8K Yes
2015-07-18C&C Generals Zero Hour 8K Yes Yes Yes
2015-07-113DMark Fire Strike true 8k DOF hack! Yes Yes Yes
2015-07-05Tron 2.0 in 8K (7680x4320) with screen-shots Yes Yes Yes
2015-02-06Tomb Raider 2013 ALL VIDEOS ONLINE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2015-01-18Drift Stage 6K Yes Yes Yes
2014-10-25Alien Isolation, 10K (10240x5760) shots Yes
2014-10-15Homeworld 2, 16K (16384x10240) video Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014-07-21Deus Ex Human Revolution gigapixel panos Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014-07-02Carmageddon: Reincarnation up to 8K Yes Yes Yes
2014-06-05Nvidia New Dawn 9k video Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014-04-06Unigine Heaven 12k Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014-03-04Stone Giant 16k Yes Yes Yes
2014-02-15Tomb Raider 2013 14k Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014-01-063DMark from 99 to 2013 Yes Yes Yes
2013-12-10Tomb Raider 1 DOS in Ultra HD Yes Yes
2013-10-10Tron 2.0 Yes Yes
2013-10-10Far Cry 3 Yes Yes
2013-10-10Armed Assault III Alpha Yes Yes Yes
2013-08-30Alice Madness Returns Yes Yes Yes
2013-08-25Skyrim Yes Yes
2013-07-07Fallout 3 & New Vegas Yes Yes
2013-07-01Oblivion Yes Yes Yes
2013-07-05WHY USING DOWNSAMPLE? What does it give?
2013-06-29Nvidia downsample, incl. 3840x2160 60 Hz HDMI 1.2
2013-08-15Working TEMP cleanup on Windows
2013-08-15Alarm on HDD SMART changes (Linux and Windows)
2014-01-25Howto: Delete "Folder name too long to delete"
2013-06-20Started the creation of a homepage since Futuremark asked
for "Better than Skydrive" hosting of my 3DMark 6k videos

Why Mxyzptlk?

Well, it started when I created the youtube channel in May 2012. My normal nick is just Jou, but Jou was taken, Jou with birthdate was taken, etc.
Mr. Mxyzptlk is a Superman villain from my childhood, he is cool 'cause he has NO superpower, all he does is just everyday science to him, and he is mocking Superman instead of taking over the world.
The first video I uploaded to Youtube was my final race in Need For Speed Carbon, managing to win that race in 17 seconds. Next were Need For Speed Porsche and the GCUBE (Gelly Cube) DOS demo from 1999, in unusual 1600x1200 resolution.

The obligatory Youtube Channel for other 4K HD 5K HD and 6K HD videos not linked to this site.

This site started in June 2013, when Futuremark asked whether I could host the 3DMark 2013 6K HD Videos on something else than the slow Skydrive. I already locked the domain(s) but saw no reason to hurry starting a homepage, but that was the right reason to actually create a homepage. Uploading those big videos took quite a while, but was finished mid July.

Futuremark then linked a facebook posting to here, and the traffic jumped from an average of close to 1 GB per day to 400 GB on that day.
Since the traffic continues to rise and I keep on uploading more, quite some large oversized high resolution Panoramas, 6k galleries, and lately some 10k and 15k shots, if I manage to make programs run that way.

Legal Stuff: This is a private homepage. All "TM" mentioned here belong to their owners and not me. Anyone offended contact me.