Skyrim panoramas.

If you know a place I should shoot as big panorama, just tell. Maybe send a screen-shot along where I should be to shoot.

I am using Panoramaviewer from thsoft for viewing.

Skyrim, outside of Whiterun 360°, showing off how far you can see with .ini hacking, made in August 2013. You can even see people and animals that far, check near the bridges on the left. Or the High-Hrotgar up on the left mountain. Original is 50416x15423, 199 MB.
Additional Note: Console, SetFog 3 400000.
Skyrim Panorama outside of Whiterun - showing off ini hacking

This was the very first Skyrim panorama I created, the first dragon you see in the beginning sequence.
Made in 11th November 2011. The 47 screen-shots were made in the night after the release. 4590 x 2190, 1 MB.
Since this panorama is quite "small" I did not make it interactive-zoomable.
Skyrim Panorama Helgen dragon

Skyrim, looks like Siegfried, doesn't it? Screenshots made in 12th November 2011, 7130 x 5979, 8 MB.
Skyrim Panorama Helgen dragon

Skyrim, Riverwood, playing around with .ini hacking to get moar trees and shadows further away,
like the shadow from the tree on Sleeping Giants Inn. 5789 x 3802, 6 MB.
Skyrim Panorama Riverwood first ini hacking shadows and trees

Skyrim, receiving my first dragon word, made in November 2011, 12064 x 4143, 8 MB.
Skyrim Panorama first dragon word

Skyrim, Bleack Falls Barrow, receiving my first dragon word, the same as above but from a different angle. 8282 x 5850, 8 MB.
Skyrim Panorama Bleak Falls Barrow

Skyrim, a selfie in Bleack Falls Barrow, made in November 2011, 8477 x 6381, 8 MB.
Skyrim Panorama Eldergleam Sanctuary

Skyrim, Whiterun, a very wide 360° panorama designed to fill two or three monitor setup, preview is squished to fit here. 19050 x 4528, 18 MB.
Made out of 397 screen shots. Also note the trees in the background, you cannot get them on a gaming console.
Skyrim Panorama Whiterun 360°

Skyrim, Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, 7825 x 3841, 5 MB. First entrance in that hut with their show fight, I am standing on the left.
Skyrim Panorama Jorrvaskr in Whiterun

Skyrim, I am getting a Fishermen's Friend from a frost dragon, made in March 2012, 6229 x 2752, 5 MB.
Skyrim Panorama a selfie in Bleack Falls Barrow

Skyrim, visiting Solitude, made in December 2011, 5948 x 2732, 3 MB. Of course with a dragon.
Skyrim Panorama visiting Solitude

Skyrim, I am posing on a dragon that refused to give me his soul.
Skyrim Panorama posing on a dragon

Skyrim, I am kissing a dragon that refused to give me his soul, 2232 x 1630, 1 MB.
Yes, low resolution, but I had no "downscale" available by that time so I had to do it as panorama of seven screen shots combined. Non-interactive since it is too small.
Skyrim Panorama kissing a dragon

Skyrim, this is how detailed trees CAN look, made in January 2012.
You have to zoom in to see.
Skyrim Panorama Eldergleam Sanctuary

Skyrim, Eldergleam Sanctuary, made in December 2011.
Look at the peaceful inhabitants sitting at the small river, I am standing right of the right waterfall. Made out of 879 1920x1200 screenshots combined.
Skyrim Panorama Eldergleam Sanctuary

Skyrim, Hags End, made in December 2011.
I am standing on top of the main entrance bow in the middle. This is the largest panorama I've ever created so far ('till 2013). Made out of 796 single 1920x1200 screenshots combined.
Skyrim Panorama Hags End

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