Panoramas of Oblivion.

If you know a place I should shoot as big panorama, just tell. Maybe send a screenshot along where I should be to shoot.

I am using Panoramaviewer from thsoft for viewing.

Peryite's Shrine, 8991 x 5235, 15 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Peryite's Shrine

Aleid Ruins Miscarcand, 8016 x 5455, 14 MB
Oblivion Panorama Aleid Ruins Miscarcand

Cheydinhal (better Cities), 11706 x 4455, 11 MB
Oblivion Panorama Cheydinhal (better Cities)

Leyawiin, 25884 x 6144, 31 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Leyawiin

Border Watch, 12694 x 4351, 14 MB. One of the nicest side-quests. If you haven't done it DO IT!
Oblivion Panorama Border Watch

Cheydinhal a little snowy (Better Cities), 8336 x 3341, 4 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Cheydinhal a little snowy

Elsweyr Dune, 2551 x 1862, 1 MB. Non interactive since it is tool small.
Oblivion Panorama Elsweyr Dune

Garden Bathhouse (Imperial City maybe...), 11904 x 4602, 11 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Garden Bathhouse

Anvil at night BW, 13152 x 4718, 10 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Anvil at night BW

Aleid ruins, 13152 x 4718, 10 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Aleid ruins

Mankar Camoran's Paradise, 11220 x 4524, 14 MB.
Oblivion Panorama Mankar Camoran's Paradise

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