Panoramas of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

If you know a place I should shoot as big panorama, just tell. Maybe send a screenshot along where I should be to shoot.

Huge means: My record is the 1.4 Gigapixel Panorama of Megaton (re-made in 2013).
Most of them were made in 2010 and 2011, on a Radeon 4870 (which broke down) and a Radeon 4890 when not noted otherwise.

I am using Panoramaviewer from thsoft for viewing.

Fallout 3, The Pit - Steelworks 4492 x 1989, 2 MB. I just love that red tint of steelworks. Maybe I should redo in higher resolution, if someone requests it ; ).
Fallout 3 Panorama Steelworks

Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta from outside like "2001 movie" shot wide, 6320 x 2109. I had to shoot that view.
Fallout 3 Panorama Mothership Zeta from outside like "2001 movie" shot wide

Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta Bar 22525 x 5449, 11 MB. Sitting at the table, bonet, glasses, nerdy?
Fallout 3 Panorama Mothership Zeta Bar

Fallout 3, View from Vault 101 "slideshow" detail setting, around one and three fps, 19604 x 4012, 15 MB.
I was running a Radeon 4870 512 MB back then. View it at 100% and pan around, you can see A LOT in great detail at large distances.
Fallout 3 Panorama View from Vault 101 slideshow detail setting

Fallout 3, Little Lamplight big room, 10215 x 2705, 5 MB. Standing at the bright middle colums, with my bonet.
Fallout 3 Panorama Little Lamplight big room

Fallout 3, Rivet City the market at lowest floor, 11991 x 3900, 7 MB.
Fallout 3 Panorama Rivet City

Fallout 3, Galaxy News Radio Plaza, 23334 x 10863, 25 MB.. Actually a messed up panorama, but the messed up points don't make it look bad but better.
I am the green haired with the bonet and the big gun.
Fallout 3 Panorama Galaxy News Radio plaza (messed up panorama)

Fallout 3, Outside on the mother-ship with Fawks wide 360°, 54103 x 12490, 45 MB. 675 megapixel.
Fallout 3 Panorama Outside on the mothership with Fawks

Fallout 3, mega panorama of Megaton full 360°, 55032 x 25790, 144 MB. 1.4 gigapixel. My three compagnions and me are near the centre, in front of the Craterside Supply. Why doing it? I wanted to know how far I can go, and this seems to be the limit. Or I need more RAM (and a CPU which can handle more RAM).
Fallout 3 Panorama Megaton, me with three followers - if you can spot us

Fallout 3, The Pit, Steelworks after clearing if of Trogs and Wernher, 21340 x 10694, 45 MB, 228 mexapixel.. Made 2013-07-14. I SHOULDN'T have continued my second playthrough of Fallout 3, which I paused when Skyrim came out until now. This game is SOOOOO addictive, so much content, such a good setting.
I've created some other (and larger) panoramas of that cell, but they did not turn out that well.
Fallout 3 Panorama The Pit, Steelworks after clearing if of Trogs and Wernher

Fallout New Vegas, Repconn Test Site, right before the aliens launch, 6851 x 4056, 3 MB, standing in the middle, right next to the barrel.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama Repconn Test Site Aliens

Fallout New Vegas, The Thorn Arena, facing the nice Red Lucy, 8362 x 4499, 6 MB.
I met her again a little later for blowing off some steam.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama The Thorn Arena

Fallout New Vegas, The Thorn Arena as 270 degree panorama.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama The Thorn Arena

Fallout New Vegas, Camp Forlorn Hope.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama Camp Forlorn Hope

Fallout New Vegas, Bitter Springs, 10941 x 3577, 13 MB. I am wearing a red party hat, try to find me.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama Bitter Springs

Fallout New Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, 11270 x 7149, 26 MB. Boon, Ed and me are in the arena.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama Red Rock Canyon

Fallout New Vegas, Helios One reactivated, 12147 x 5164, 13 MB. Boon, Ed and me are in the pic.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama Helios One reactivated

Fallout New Vegas, Quarry, 11008 x 2859, 9 MB. I have made another twice as large, but I messed up there at a visible spot.
Normally you cannot see that far, neither the house in the middle and the house on the right would be visible.
Fallout New Vegas Panorama Quarry

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